Introduction to the 4th True Christian Church

The journey you are about to start

1 And Jehovah proceeded to say to Abram: Go your way out of your country and from your relatives and from the house of your father to the country that I shall show you (Genesis 12).

Things are no different today. There is at most one true church since God presides not over chaos and division but over harmony and unity. To find this church, you will definitely have to leave the religion of your nation, for Jesus advises all Christians to keep clear of politics, and in most cases leave the beliefs of your relatives and leave the church of your father and go to the church that God shows you.


This introduction to the 4th True Christian Church a.k.a. the Lordsí Witnesses, represents a resume of our basic understandings of Godís word which was written down for Mankind over a period of some 1500 years from around 1513 BC to around 100 AD. The reader, whether a lifelong member of a more traditional and longer-established Christian or non-Christian denomination or an atheist, will find these understandings revolutionary in terms of mankindís previous perceptions of Godís intentions for Man. These understandings make sense out of all the clap-trap that has been talked about God for centuries past by believers and non-believers alike. Lies are abusive, and regrettably all mankind are slaves to one or more lies, be they political, economic, theological or sociological. It is our hope and intention to release the reader from many of these slaveries with the fundamental truths behind our creation and existence and future.

32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you freeí (John 8).


Throughout the text, there are terms and acronyms that will be new to the reader. These terms have been coined by the Lordsí Witnesses to describe new understandings that are thought to be unique to the 4th True Christian Church. There are other terms with which the reader is probably familiar but for which the Lordsí Witnessesí understandings require either a more definitive explanation or a new meaning compared with conventional human wisdom. These terms are explained in section I50

The True Bible Code

The bulk of the material on this introductory web-site is based on the Lordsí Witnesses literal understanding of scripture. The LWs lay claim to be, and can conclusively prove that they are the only modern church to have uncovered the true bible code in which all of the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures are written. Due to its complexity, and the media fuelled mental laziness of modern man, we have kept the code out of most of this introduction. For the interested researcher the true bible code covered in the main web-site of the Lordsí Witnesses,

The Road Map

This journey begins by reviewing the credentials of the bible and the evidence that there actually is a God who created the universe and all that is in it and caused his book to be written over many centuries by many individual scribes.

[0]  Why should I study the Bible, what use is that old book to me in the 21st century?
[1] There is a God - His name is Jehovah

Next we take a look at Godís creation and ask why he created intelligent sentient beings with free will and what problems these characteristics causes for their interactions and indeed for their viability.

[2]  Why did God create the Angels? Why did he create the universe? Why did he create us?
[3]  The Armageddon Equation and the Corruption Equilibrium

We`then take a look at the bible and its various translations.

[4]  The Bible and its Translations

Next`we take a more detailed look at Godís primary physical creation, Man. We consider Ďpre-historicí mankind as well as the individual creations of Adam and Eve.

[5]  Pre Adamic Man
[6]  Who were Adam and Eve?

We then consider how precisely the bible and how it is written and how mankind reasons.

[7]  The way the bible is written: Genesis 4, John 3 and the sons of Jacob
[7A]  Logical Pathways and one step thinking

We then progress beyond Adam to look at some of the major characters that follow him with a view to the chronology of the generations. 

[8]  From Adam to Noah to Abraham to David to Jesus, The Patriarchs

The nature of Godís children is next examined in terms of their makeup and mortality. We take a closer look at Godís heavenly children in more detail in terms of how his spiritual children relate to him and to his physical children. Manís mortality is considered in some more detail. Unrighteous Manís fate after physical death is considered when we take you on a two way virtual tour around hell, in the hole that this may help you to avoid the one way ticket!

[9] What is a soul, What is a Spirit?
[10] Why do we die?
[11] The Holy Spirit is God's Wife!
[12] How is one born again without dying?
[13] What is physical death
[14]What the Hell is Gehenna

We now enter the territory of Godís legal plan for Man by looking at all 15 sons of God who have died sacrificially to save mankind by covenant. For there is more complexity to Godís salvation plan for Man than the sacrifice of the Lamb of Jesus Christ! The four main characters in the entire biblical drama, Satan, Michael, Gabriel and Melchizedek, are identified together with their key roles and associated spirit possessions.

[15] 120, 240, 480, 960 and indefinite lifespan humans
[16] An introduction to Satan, Michael, Gabriel
[17] Michael was Enoch and Jesus
[18] Jesus was non adamic and created by in vivo fertilisation and genetic enhancement
[19] Gabriel was John the Baptist
[20] Cainan was Melchizedek
[21] The 15 non adamic humans

Of these four we then look at the two main protagonists (Satan and Michael) in terms of their ruler-ship in this system and the kingdom to come and we see the effects of Satanís influence in the political systems in this world. We then consider Jesusí death and the status he thereby attained and we also see the archetype for our own ultimate destiny.

[22] Satan, demonic possession and the gifts of the spirit
[23] Satan is the ruler of this system of things
[24] Jesus is the physical ruler of the next system of things, the Kingdom of God

Next we attempt to apply some of God's love and wisdom and political understandings to the politics of the nations and to the politics of the relationship between a husband and a wife.

[25] Monarchy, Democracy, Qualifying Democracy, Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Meritocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Philanthropocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Patriarchal Philanthropocracy
[25A] Men, Women, Love and Power

Now we jump to the big picture. The whole purpose of our existence.

[26] When Jesus gave his life for us, he became the second God to be worshipped like his father Jehovah
[27] Our destiny is to become Gods like Jehovah and Jesus

We then pick up the theme of salvation covenants again by looking at the main covenants brought care of the sacrificed sons of God. These are the legal basis of the Lordsí Witnessesí understandings detailing Godís legal plan for the salvation of Mankind in his Kingdom.

[28] The 3 Master Salvation Covenants, the FRC, CRC and ARC. The 3 Blessing Covenants, the 1BC, 2BC, and 3BC
[29] Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Abrahamic system mediators of the FRC, the CRC and the ARC

We then have a section on the Law of Moses and how it fits with the present day sense of justice.

[30] The Law of Moses

Then we have a section on the 1NC.

[31] The First New Covenant

Then we analyse the true meanings of the various forms of baptism.

[32] What exactly is baptism?
[33] The start and end of the 3 baptisms

Then we have two sections on the 2NC and its church.

[35] The Second New Covenant
[37] The Lord's Witnesses, the church of the 2NC

Now we tackle some old chestnuts that man has failed to deal with for far too long.

[39] The Top Ten Trinity Busters
[40] The role of women in the Christian Church
[41] When is abortion murder?
[42] The real heavenly currency

When every organ of the human body has cancer, there is only one prognosis. Today every organ of human society is corrupted. Our society will therefore die. It is merely a question of which organ fails first, which corruption is the most far advanced. But when will these things occur and what will be the sign?

[43] The Dates of Jesusí birth and death
[44] The Date of Armageddon without using the bible code

Maturity. The reader should now be ready to understand how Jesus is present today.

[45] The 2 presences of the Christ

Finally we end with a glossary of definitions of the terms and acronyms we employ.

[50] Definitions


Please do not struggle alone with our understandings. Email us or call us, and we will help you to get your head round them. We are not aggressive evangelisers, we will not brainwash you with our immutable doctrine. We are researchers and we know that you do not have to join our church to be saved. We are here to answer your questions, and we can answer most of the questions we are asked these days. A couple of minutes sending an email to us, may save you hours of headache!


Detailed Index

[0]  Why should I study the Bible, what use is that old book to me in the 21st century?

This opening section does exactly what it says on the tin by asking the key questions surrounding the authorship and relevance of the bible and thereby setting the scene for all the following material in this introductory web-site of the Lordsí Witnesses.

    1. Jesus Christ's birth is the pivotal point in our measurement of History down to the present day

    2. The bible just may be the work of our creator and therefore be the instruction manual for mankind.

    3. The bible contains a set of rules that would prevent Mankind from wiping himself out.

    4. Does your love match God's definition of love as found in the bible?

    5. The bible contains the solutions to all the problems that mankind faces today.

    6. If you believe that God might just be the Grand Creator of all you know and love then plainly you should study his instruction manual for mankind.

[1]  There is a God - His name is Jehovah

The existence of a God is perceived by many people to be rather inconvenient. They do not want to have their lifestyle cramped by religious restrictions. They want to be free but these people do not yet understand the meaning of the words of Jesus... Ďand you will know the truth, and the truth will set you freeí. This section quite simply presents the evidence for the existence of God. Its main themes document a number proofs for his existence.

    1.  Sir Isaac Newton's Orrery compared to the Solar System.

    2.  Life was designed. It did not just happen by accident as witnessed by the universal grammar of the genetic code.

    3.  Only intelligence begets intelligence.

    4.  The Historicity of Key Bible Characters

    5.  The Old Testament prophesies many things about a Messiah who will come and save the sons of Israel

    6.  The Old Testament wisdom and non messianic prophecy

    7.  Evolution is the longest ever running theory that has never been scientifically proven.

    8.  The Bible says that there is a God, our creator, called Jehovah.

[2]  Why did God create the Angels? Why did he create the universe? Why did he create us?

This is our first step into some of the deeper meanings of the bible. God wanted to create a community of free willed individuals who could learn from others what he had learned for himself about love. He wanted to procreate. The whole universe is a nursery for his children to learn about love. Many of the lessons in that nursery demonstrate the catastrophic effects of the lack of love.

    1.  Angels are like people in that they are good or bad or just plain disinterested.

    2.  The creation of the earth and of the physical universe.

    3.  The creation of the heaven in which the angels dwell, the spiritual universe.

    4.  God was alone before he created anything.

    5.  God wished to procreate, so he created the angels in his image.

    6.  God created humans to physicalise the effects of love and of sin so that we, and the angels, learn how important it is to love God and one another.

[3]  The Armageddon Equation and the Corruption Equilibrium

Stability = Morality - Technology

This is what we call the Armageddon Equation. The stability of our society is the gap between our morality and our technology. If our morality is better than our technology then we have a future. If our technology is better than our morality then we may not have a future.

    1.  God has to allow us to destroy ourselves in order to teach most of us how not to destroy ourselves.

    2.  The corruption equilibrium states that the better our technology is, the more corruption we can sustain

[4]  The Bible and its Translations

If God can create the universe and mankind, then he can certainly ensure that a book is properly copied for a few thousand years. There are several translations of the bible that we can safely assume are good enough for our purposes of understanding the bible and decoding it.

    1. We recommend several different translations of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures.

    2. What is still needed is a translation which preserves both the literal and symbolic meanings contained in the bible. 

[5]  Pre Adamic Man

The Fundamental Christian says that Adam, who was created around 6,000 years ago according to biblical chronology, was the first man and so Archaeology is rubbish. The Archaeologist says mankind has for a fact been around for 30,000 years and we have good evidence that he has been around for over 2 million years, so the concept that we began with Adam 6,000 years ago is rubbish and therefore Genesis is rubbish. How do we resolve this apparent conflict between Science and Religion? They both cannot be right!

    1.  The book of Genesis, if read carefully, can be seen to describe two different creations of mankind, Pre-adamic man followed by 'the man' Adam and his children.

    2.  Pre-adamic Man could have sex but could not sexually reproduce.

    3.  Pre-adamic Man was created asexually by in vivo fertilisation by Holy Spirit as was Jesus. 

    4.  The creative 'days' of Genesis were not literal days, but epochs as we discovered in I2

    5. True Science and True Religion are the same thing, a sincere search for God, in his various works.

[6]  Who were Adam and Eve?

Modern sophisticated man who believes that we arrived here through evolution and who knows that mankind existed before Adam finds the biblical account of our creation to be somewhat lacking in credibility. However if we believe in God then clearly he is more intelligent than us, so it is inconceivable that we would know more about our creation than he does, so his book must reflect this knowledge gap. Also the bible indicates that God requires us to work for our physical food and likewise he requires us to work for our spiritual food. In other words we need to decode Genesis; we need to unravel it to fully understand our beginning as a species. 

    1.  Adam and Eve were real people, a man and a woman.

    2.  Adam was created in precisely the same way that Jesus was created.

    3.  Eve was created from a fully grown Pre-adamic person.

[7]  The way the bible is written: Genesis 4, John 3 and the sons of Jacob

We have seen in section I5 on Pre-adamic man that the Bible is written in a very intelligent way. We therefore have to read it intelligently and diligently. Here are 3 examples of how intelligently it is written and how intelligently we need to read it. First impressions of bible accounts are often incorrect. The Holy Spirit will wrong foot you if you do not think about every word in the account and put the entire jigsaw together. Our experience is that pretty much every time you revisit an account you see something in it that you did not see before.

    1.  Why did God accept Abelís sacrifice and yet reject Cainís sacrifice? 

    2.  Why did Rachel think that she was the winner in the procreation race with her sister Leah at the birth of Naphtali? 

    3.  No man has ascended into heaven but he that descended from heaven  

[7A]  Logical Pathways and one step thinking

The bible clearly states that it is inspired, but how do we know if that statement is the truth?

    1.    Logical proof that the bible is inspired by our creator/creating species  

    2.    The courage of your deductions  

    3.    Some examples of deductions that everyone has confidence in.  

[8]  From Adam to Noah to Abraham to David to Jesus, The Patriarchs

This brief section contains the chronology of some of the main characters from the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. We include this information in order for the reader to familiarise himself with these key players in our salvation.

    1.   The bible uses a lunar calendar.

    2.   The chronology of some of the main biblical characters.

[9]  What is a soul, What is a spirit?

Modern man has the soul and the spirit all mixed up. We untie the knot and straighten the picture out.

    1.  Definition of a Body

    2.  Definition of a Soul.

    3.  Definition of a Spirit. 

[10]  Why do we die?

Adam's sons and daughters are born condemned to death under the death penalty passed and eventually executed on Adam by God.

    1.  Adam sinned by eating the fruit of the forbidden tree and was consequently sentenced to death by God.  

    2.  The lengths of life of the pre-flood patriarchs of Genesis 5.

    3.  God changed Adam and Eveís genes to the slowly dying variety that we all know today.

[11]  The Holy Spirit is God's Wife

The Holy Spirit is described by John as the helper; Adam's wife was described in the same way in Genesis. This is not a coincidence. Just as Eve was a complement and helper to Adam so the Holy Spirit is God's helper, and a complement to him. It is his wife. It is Jesus' mum. The three are a family.

    1.   The Holy Spirit is the group of all the angels who are holy, all the angels who are married to God.

    2.   The Holy Spirit is our spiritual Mother.

    3.   The whole congregation is regarded as being one body, one wife.

    4.   God has a family of which he is the father, the Holy Spirit is the mother, God's wife, and Jesus is now the firstborn son.

[12]   How is one born again without dying

Being born from water is a water baptism. Being born from spirit is a spirit baptism a baptism in holy spirit, which is being born again. 

    1.  Water Baptism leads to a rebirth in the flesh.  

    2.  When you are born again, an angel is created in heaven for your spirit to inhabit in the future.

    3.  Adam was born again when he was born. 

[13]  What is physical death?

The dead are unconscious and unthinking; they do not dream or think.

    1.  A dead personís spirit is asleep temporarily in an angelic body in heaven. 

   2.  The human body precedes the angelic one for mankind.

[14]  What the Hell is Gehenna?

Gehenna is the Hebrew word for Hell. Mankind's attempts to understand the nature of Hell are classic examples of how imperfect and incomplete our thought processes are as a race and as individuals. The established Christian churches have given us a Hell of eternal torment, eternal punishment, eternal burning and eternal physical pain. The Lordsí Witnesses have a very different understanding of Hell.

    1.  The man who put the fires out in hell.

    2.  Hell or Gehenna is a prison for disembodied spirits, no more and no less.

    3.  Even the most wicked ones will get out of Gehenna since it is Godís purpose to save us all eventually.

    4.  Those who get the resurrection of the unrighteous end up in Hell, which is Gehenna which is the second death. 

[15]  120, 240, 480, 960 and indefinite lifespan humans

We are now going to discover the 4 types of human body that God created for sons of Adam and the maximum lifespan of each type of body. We need this information to determine which characters in the bible lived too long for their generation and were therefore non adamic like Jesus was. By this we mean characters who were sons of God rather than sons of Adam. We need to know all of the non adamic characters in the bible, the characters who are not under any death sentence from Adam or at all, because they all die sacrificially in order to ransom a mediator of a salvation covenant. Salvation covenants are the legal means by which mankind is saved into the Kingdom of God. Every salvation covenant gives you a future life in the Kingdom because a non adamic human gave his life as a ransom for that covenant.

    1.  The reducing ages of the Patriarchs from Adam to Moses.

    2.  After the flood the maximum lifespan of mankind became 120 years.

    3.  We deduce that there were 4 divisions by 2 to get from a maximum age of 960 years down to 120 years.  

    4.  The patriarchs Jared, Methuselah, Eber and Jehoiada, were non adamic like Jesus.

[16]  An Introduction to Satan, Michael and Gabriel

Satan was the first angel that God created. Michael was the angel that chose to be the most loyal to God and that loved men the most. Michael possessed Jesus during his entire ministry from his baptism until his sacrificial death. Satan lost his firstborn rights when he deceived Eve into losing her life and killing her husband. Michael gained these firstborn rights and more when he gave his life to ransom Adam, when he died sacrificially as an angel inside Jesus on the stake. We shall discover in later sections that Gabriel was loyal to both God and to Michael and played a huge role in the salvation of mankind and possessed John the Baptist. These 3 are the key angelic players in the story of mankind. In this section we discover and prove that they were born in the following order: 1. Satan, 2. Michael, 3. Gabriel.

    1.  Every major patriarch in the bible had a firstborn son who lost his birthright to a more deserving later born son.

    2.  Only after the resurrection is Jesus described as Ďthe firstborn of all creationí.

    3.  Satan was the anointed Cherub covering Eden.

    4.  Michael became the foremost prince, the firstborn from the dead.

    5.   Noah's 3 sons compared with God's 3 sons.

    6.  Adam was an only child.

[17]  Michael was Enoch and Jesus

When Adam sinned God required a volunteer who was not judicially condemned to ransom him immediately. That volunteer could not have been human since the pre-adamics had no judicial and Adam and Eve had both sinned so as to incur the death penalty. So the volunteer was an angel. This angel then had to die on the stake in order to ransom Adam. So we can see that Jesus was possessed by an angel, Michael, the one who agreed to ransom him when Adam sinned. We shall also discover that Enoch was non adamic and was temporarily possessed by the angel Michael.

    1.  Michael, the prince of Godís people, came down into Jesus.

    2.  When did Michael become Jesus Christ?

    3.  Pre Michaelic Jesus was Immanuel

    4.  The resurrection of the Christ

    5.  Enoch was non adamic and was temporarily possessed by the angel Michael.

[18]  Jesus was non adamic and created by in vivo fertilisation and genetic enhancement

A Non Adamic Human is a descendant of Adam who is not a genetic son of Adam but is a son of God.

   1.  Did the Holy Spirit commit adultery with the virgin Mary?  

   2.  God must have enhanced Jesusí genes to make them non adamic.

    3.  Comparison with Abraham and Sarah

    4.  God used an Adamic vehicle to create a non adamic son.

[19]  Gabriel was John the Baptist

The presiding priest over the baptism ceremony of Jesus was John the Baptist. Now a sinful human cannot preside over an angelic possession by Michael into a non adamic human (by the dirty water principle). So we are going to reveal a sacred secret of the greatest magnitude here. 

    1.  John the Baptist was a supernatural conception

    2.  God can only choose a name for a son if the son is his.

    3.  Gabriel is the only candidate to have been the priest presiding over the entrance of Michael into Jesus.

    4.  The two John the Baptists

[20]  Cainan was Melchizedek

Melchizedek is a key character in the scriptures, but no man in recent times has known who he was. We need to do some detective work with the bible to determine who this elusive Melchizedek chap really was. It is not particularly important to know that Cainan was Melchizedek. It is important, however, to understand that Melchizedek presided over the entrance of the Angel Gabriel into another non adamic human. Understanding this, is the key to unlocking the identities of all 15 non adamic humans in the bible. These are revealed in the next section - see I21

    1.  Paulís description of Melchizedek.

    2.  Cainanís very strange genealogy.

    3.  Cainan was a non adamic priest.

[21]  The 15 Non Adamic Humans

The reason that we are pursuing the identities of all the non adamic humans is that they all die sacrificially (not being under any adamic death penalty) in order to ransom various human mediators in the great salvation covenants which give us a future. We cannot teach you about the legal basis of your salvation, without first explaining the identities and the makeup of the characters who are saving you. Every salvation covenant gives you a future life in the form of a resurrection or a rapture because a non adamic human gave his life for that covenant. 

    1.  Jesus, John, Enoch, Cainan, Jared, Methuselah, Eber, Jehoida, Elijah and Elisha were non adamic.

    2.  Jeremiah and Isaac were named or known before they were conceived in the womb.

    3.  Daniel and Ezekiel were called 'son of man'.

    4.  So who was Melchizedek at the time of Jesus? 

    5.  The meaning of Jacob's ladder.

[22]  Satan, Demonic Possession and the gifts of the spirit

In the previous section we saw that there have been 10 angelic possessions of humans by Michael and Gabriel and that the non adamic priest Melchizedek has appeared 5 times. Now the great thing about God, is that although he is omnipotent and omniscient in every sense, he limits himself with his own justice and never abuses his power to give himself an unfair advantage in any legal dispute. So since God allows himself angelic possessions in order to save mankind, he has to allow Satan demonic possessions as well. Although what Satan achieves from the majority of these demonic possessions apart from providing ideas for horror movie scripts is unclear.

    1.  How do angelic and demonic possession work?  

    2.  What were the gifts of the spirit and how and to whom were they given?  

    3.  How does one get the physical gifts of the spirit?  

[23]  Satan is the ruler of this system of things

When Adam sinned and was thrown out of the garden, Satan was given rulership over mankind.

    1.  Death is Satan's name.

    2.  Satan is called 'the ruler of the world'.

    3.  Armageddon marks the end of this system of things. 

[24]  Jesus is the ruler of the next system of things, the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom that Jesus preached about and that we all pray for in the Lord's prayer. Jesus gave his disciples and us the signs of the times to alert us to the general period in which it would come.

    1.  What will the Kingdom of God be like?  

    2.  The Kingdom of God lasts for 1,000 years  

    3.  Who is resurrected into the Kingdom of God?

    4.  The Sea is No More

    5.  The Animals and the Food in the Kingdom of God  

[25]  Monarchy, Democracy, Qualifying Democracy, Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Meritocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Philanthropocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Patriarchal Philanthropocracy.

When you consider the incredible technological advances mankind has made in the last 200 years, it is absolutely astonishing that we have made absolutely no advances at all in political methodology for the last 2,000 years. As a race, since Adam, we have 'advanced' from monarchy to democracy and that is it. This tells us that mankind has been held back by a very powerful intelligence. Satan is that powerful ruler of this system.

    1.  Constitutional Democracy

    2.  Qualifying Democracy  

    3.  Evangelising Democracy  

    4.  Democracy is institutional demographic prejudice

    5.  Qualifying Constitutional Meritocracy  

    6.  Qualifying Constitutional Philanthropocracy

    7.  Qualifying Constitutional Patriarchal Philanthropocracy  

[25A]   Men, Women, Love and Power

Satan has not changed since the Garden of Eden and neither have women and neither have men. He is doing precisely the same thing with women today through the media as he did nearly 6,000 years ago with Eve through the snake. His pitch to Eve today is to sell her the death of her relationship or her marriage on the grounds that God made a mistake making the man to be her head, and that she too can have the status of a man and be the absolute head of the family. Satan convinces her that she herself can decide what is good or bad or right or wrong for her family without needing to consult her husband, just as he did in the case of Eve nearly 6,000 years ago. 

    1.  God gave the man authority over the woman in the family.  

    2.  Men put women before God; women today choose status over love and God.  

    3.  Satan is doing the same thing with women today as he did nearly 6,000 years ago with Eve.  

    4.  We have 'moved beyond' 6,000 years of practical and successful wisdom into the realm of political correctness.  

[26]  When Jesus gave his life for us, he became the second God to be worshipped like his father Jehovah

Jesus is a mighty God, a God to be worshipped, like Jehovah. But he is not almighty God. He has been elevated from a creation to a true God.

    1.  Jesus did not deny and therefore by omission confirmed that he was a God to Thomas.  

    2.  Jesus was elevated in status from an angel to a God requiring worship.  

    3.  Jesus was was given Godís family name when he died.  

[27]   Our destiny is to become Gods like Jehovah and Jesus

Now that we know that Jesus has entered into the family name of Jehovah we can see our own future very clearly.

    1.  We are children of God.  

    2.  The true religion is presently bi-theistic. 

[28]   The 3 Master Salvation Covenants, the FRC, CRC and ARC. The 3 Blessing Covenants, the 1BC, 2BC and 3BC

Overview: The legal framework for the 3 levels of salvation of all mankind (the 3 floors in the ark) from Adam to Armageddon. 

[29]   Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Abrahamic system mediators of the FRC, the CRC and the ARC

Overview: The legal framework for the 3 levels of salvation of mankind from Abraham to Armageddon.

[30]  The Law of Moses

The Law of Moses was not the first set of Laws that God gave to Mankind. Adam was given one rather simple Law in the Garden which he broke. Satan made all the laws for the majority of mankind from Adam down to Moses. But God stepped in at the time of Moses and gave us the Law of Moses, on 1513Sivan3 BC - see U2. This was the most comprehensive view of God's justice that mankind had ever seen. God became the physical king over his own people with the Law of Moses since it is the king that makes the laws for his people. We compare Godís justice of 3,500 years ago to todayís justice in the West.

    1.  The Law as an education in true Justice  

    2.  An eye for an eye as an upper limit for just legal penalties

    3.  Bankruptcy and the tools of your trade  

    4.  Your dwelling house should not be used as security  

    5.  Social Security but only if you work for it  

    6.  Frivolous and Opportunistic Law suits  

    7.  Can you shoot a burglar?  

    8.  Are we better off today than the Jews were under Law?  

    9.  The 12 Commandments  

  10.  The power of the Law today

[31]   The First New Covenant (1NC)

Jesus made a covenant with the 11 apostles remaining after Judas departed from the last supper. This covenant allowed the 1NC saints to eat and drink at Jesus' table in his kingdom and to sit on thrones to judge the 12 tribes of Israel in the next system. This kingdom' is Jesus' Kingdom, it is not the Kingdom of God. Jesusí Kingdom started in 1914Tishri15 (1914October7/8) at the end of the Gentile Times - see  U123. So the 1NC saints consume in Jesus' kingdom which started in 1914 and they will rule in God's Kingdom which starts in 2008. But what does Jesus mean by: Eat and drink at my table? 

    1.  Jesusí Kingdom  

    2.  Spiritual Food and Spiritual Drink  

    3.  Sitting on thrones to judge the 12 tribes of Israel  

[32]   What exactly is baptism?

Christian churches all over the world baptise their flocks Ďin the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirití. But despite having heard or read this many times in English from Protestants and in Latin from Catholics how many times have we understood what it is saying? Never yet once since the above is an incorrect translation. It was originally corrupted by Catholic theologians to support their false trinity doctrine - see I39. Every single existing Greek Manuscript of the bible containing the verse Matthew 28:19 has the Greek word 'eiV' meaning 'into' rather than the Greek word 'en' meaning 'in'.

    1.  The Greek manuscripts and their English translations.

    2.  The incorrect translation of Matthew 28:19: ĎIn the name of the father', is an action with his authority, whilst the correct translation: 'Into the name of the father' is an entry into the family name of that father.

    3.  Jesus commanded 3 different baptisms in Matthew 28.

    4.  A Baptism is a cleansing for entrance into a Covenant mediated by a Mediator whose name one is baptised into.

    5.  The disgrace of the Christian Churches and the lies and corruption of Athanasius  

[33]   The start and end of the 3 baptisms

We discovered in the previous section that there are 3 baptisms into the names of 3 mediators. But who is the Father? Who is the Son? And who is the mediator of the baptism into the name of the Holy Spirit?

    1.  The baptism into the name of the Father  

    2.  The water baptism, the holy spirit baptism, faith perfected works and works perfected faith

    3.  The baptism into the name of the Son  

    4.  The baptism into the name of the Holy Spirit  

    5.  Fathers and sons  

    6.  The righteous decree in the spirit

    7.  The righteous decree in the flesh

    8.  The 4 types of baptism

    9.  Being baptised into the name of a mediator is being washed, cleansed with his blood  

  10.  Who ransomed who?  

  11.  The salvation status of Jesus the human - Why did John baptise him?  

[35]   The Second New Covenant (2NC)

At the last supper Jesus made a new covenant with eleven of his apostles (Judas left after the meal and before Jesus made the new covenant). His mediation was that God made a with him for a kingdom and he made a covenant with the 11 for that kingdom. But was this new covenant the last covenant to be made between God and his people, Abraham's true seed, before Armageddon? In this section we consider 5 ways of seeing that there were to be more sub-covenants made after the law and the new covenant.

    1.  Jeremiah 31:31-33 and Hebrews 8

    2.  The Earthly Lord Covenant, and the second true Christian Church  

    3.  The Catholic Church Cover-up  

    4.  The word symbolic meaning of Jeremiah 31 and Hebrews 8  

    5.  Keturah - Abraham's second wife  

    6.  Leah, Bilhah, Zilpah and Rachel - The 4 wives of Jacob  

    7.  The Second New Covenant (2NC)  

     'The New Covenant' is always referred to as 'a new covenant' in the scriptures  

[37]  The Lord's Witnesses, the church of the 2NC

Every failure which one recognises is a step on the road to success. Life is about learning from mistakes. Personal Christianity is about repenting from sin. Congregational Christianity is about repenting from false church doctrine.

    1.  Faith and Reason  

    2.  Can a true church make a doctrinal or interpretational mistake?  

    3.  The LWs are the church of the 2NC.

[39]  The Top Ten Trinity Busters

The Trinity is the term employed to signify the central doctrine of the traditional Christian religion. In the words of the Athanasian Creed: "The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, and yet there are not three Gods but one God. This is illogically defined and therefore not defined and therefore non existent. For any reader trained in Pure Mathematics that is the end of the matter, there is no Trinity. But for the sake of the less logically experienced among us, please read on.

    1.  The three fundamental inconsistencies  

    2.  The Trinity is a Brainwashometer  

[40]  The role of women in the Christian Church

Running a good administration is about getting the basics just right, no more and no less. No church has ever done this so far. Most churches give no authority to women whatsoever. The rest of them, such as the Church of England, give them the same authority as men. Women, however, are not men. Men cannot give birth physically and likewise women cannot give birth spiritually. Women cannot baptise anyone, they cannot be priests in that sense. 

    1.  The Church should be run like a family.  

    2.  The hierarchical structure for men in the Church  

    3.  Women can be Ministerial Servants or Circuit Servants  

    4.  When a woman has authority over man's body!  

    5.  Women are not permitted to teach during a congregational meeting.  

[41]   When is abortion murder?

Everyone knows life begins biologically at conception. No one knows when biology turns into humanity. This section discovers when a body becomes a soul according to scripture.

    1.  There is no bloodguilt for murder before an embryo starts pumping blood around the brain.

    2.  There is no spirit of life from God in a fetus until it has developed nostrils 

    3.  Abortion becomes murder in the 6/7th week of pregnancy  

[42]   The real heavenly currency

Every single financial currency on earth is a valueless forgery of the true heavenly currency. 

    1.  The Heavenly Financial System  

    2.  The War on Terror, Satan's heavenly cash cow to fund Armageddon  

[43]   The Dates of Jesusí birth and death

Newton began by dating the baptism of Christ in AD 29 during the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar.

    1.  Jesus was born on Tishri10, 2 BCE (October 9, 2BC)  

    2.  Jesus died on Good Friday, 33Nisan14 (April 1, 33AD)  

    3.  Michaelmas Day   

[44]   The Date of Armageddon without using the bible code

The Beast of Revelation 13, today, the UN. This beast has 10 horns and 7 heads. The 10 horns are 10 years of military power without kingship, and the 7 heads are 7 years of Kingship over the entire world. The UN got military power during the Gulf War, which ended in March 1991, 10 years after this is 2001 and 7 years after this is 2008. Amen. Main Themes:

    1.  What is Armageddon?

    2.  Key dates we need for the proof  

    3.  Armageddon from the corresponding ransom and the 7,000 year 'week'  

    4.  When did Adam sin?  

    5.  Armageddon from the Midst Prophecy  

[45]   The 2 presences of the Christ

Four of the disciples ask Jesus for a sign of a presence. Clearly Jesus was present when he was being asked the question, so the disciples are asking for a sign of his future presence (knowing that is going to leave them). Logic dictates that if a sign of a future presence is required, then there must be a period of absence preceding both this sign and the future presence itself. This second presence must be hard to see and missed by many of Jesus' disciples because it is not seen directly but requires a sign to identify it. 

    1.  Jesus' Comings and his Presences  

    2.  Each Presence lasts for 120 years  

    3.  Each Presence has a gap in it  

    4.  4 True Religions, 4 water baptisms, 4 sub-covenants of the ICC mediated by 4 Elijahs    

[50]   Definitions

Glossary of terms and acronyms.