Introduction to the True Bible Code


This site,, is our teaching site. It has been too long in the making. But here it is at last! is the reference site of the Lord's Witnesses.

This teaching site has around 50 lessons that take you through the basic (corrected, re-corrected and then corrected again) literal bible understandings of what we can scripturally prove is the 4th true Christian church, the Lord's Witnesses. Once you have read this site, you will have the understanding needed to progress to the symbolic bible code itself, which is presented in the reference site. Please do not feel that you have to be a bible expert in order to join the LWs. You are quite welcome to join us without reading any of our understandings. These websites are not examination papers, and neither are they irrelevant intellectual exercises. They are merely expositions of the literal and symbolic meanings of bible accounts as far as we understand them. But they contain mind blowing spiritual truths (as best as we can understand and present them). Both sites together are now so comprehensive doctrinally, that they answer most of the questions one would normally ask the local priest, who however well motivated will not normally have the correct answer.

The idea is that you read enough of them to see that there is a God and that the bible is written in a concentrated code by an intelligence far greater than ours. And that Adam was a real person, the progenitor of the present race of humans, who sinned and was condemned to death subject to a stay of execution for the length of his human life. Jesus gave his life to ransom Adam thereby releasing our patriarch and all of his genetic children from that one death sentence, which is encoded in our DNA, which we inherited from Adam. And that the kingdom of God, which we pray for in the Lord's prayer, is a real administration of faithful mankind by Jesus and the saints, which began judicially in 2008 and will be upon us physically in 2023. And that there are two presences of the Christ and two true Christian churches in each presence. And the we, the Lords' Witnesses, are the second church of the second presence, the 4th and last true Christian church.

There is a lot of information to consider. But there again, the bible was not written upon a postage stamp. This material is not set beyond the grasp of the human mind. But some of it is near the limit of our intellectual capability as one might expect from a God who is the father of all of our minds.

If you get stuck or can disprove any of our understandings, or just wish to discuss them please email us: help(at)


The Road Map: A quick walk through this site followed by a detailed breakdown of each section (a bit out of date).

i0  Why should I study the Bible, what use is that old book to me in the 21st century?
i1  There is a God - His name is Jehovah, Yahwey, Yihevuhe, Yihvuh
i2  Why did God create the Angels? Why did he create the universe? Why did he create us?
i3  The Armageddon Equation and the Corruption Equilibrium
i4  The Bible and its Translations
i5  Pre Adamic Man, Male and Female Angels, Angelic Procreation, Pre-adamic Procreation, Post-adamic Procreation
i6 Who were Adam and Eve?
i6a The Gory Detail of Original Sin
i7  The strange way the bible is written: Cain and Abel, No man has ascended, Get thee behind me Satan, the sleeping spirit of Jairus' daughter, Enoch was transferred so as not to see death and Paul's spaghetti speech in Romans4
i7a  Logical Pathways and one step thinking
i8  From Adam to Noah to Abraham to David to Jesus, The Patriarchs
i9  What is a Soul, What is a Spirit?
i10  Why do we die?

i11  The Holy Spirit is God's Wife!
i12  How is one born again without dying?
i13   What is physical death?
i14   What the Hell is Gehenna? Why does God permit Demon Possession? Universal Salvation: God will save each and every one of us. For God is love and love is salvation
i14a  The Inevitable Repentance of Satan
i15  120, 240, 480, 960 and indefinite lifespan humans
i16  Jesus is the archangel Michael, Michaelmas is Christmas and Jesus came to earth before his ministry as Enoch. Michael possessed Enoch
i16a  The Deep Meanings of the First Few Verses of John1 
i17  Jesus was non adamic and created by in vivo fertilisation and genetic enhancement
i18  Gabriel was John the Baptist
i19  An introduction to Satan, Michael, Gabriel
i19a  The first few verses of John 1
i20  Melchizedek was Cainan in the post flood system and Jared in the pre flood system
i20a  Methuselah was the firstborn human son of the Archangel Michael in Enoch. Melchizedek was Jared, the 2nd Adam
i20b  Gabriel was the firstborn angelic son of the archangel Michael. Abraham was also his direct angelic son.

i21  The 18+ non adamic humans (for more see U506 and U107 and U8)
i22  Satan, Judas, demon possession, Jesus' torture and the gifts of the spirit
i23  Satan is the ruler of this system of things
i24  Methuselah, Jesus' first born human son, is the physical ruler of the next system of things, the Kingdom of God
i25  Monarchy, Democracy, Qualifying Democracy, Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Meritocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Philanthropocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Patriarchal Philanthropocracy.
i25a  Men, Women, Love and Power
i26  When Jesus gave his life for us, he became the second God to be worshipped like his father Jehovah.
i27  Our destiny is to become Gods like Jehovah and Jesus
i28  The 24 Salvation Covenants (The FRC, FBC, BLC/PAC/JLC/OMC/2LC, LRC, CRC, CBC, ARC, ABC, SAC, NAC, JAC, PCC, ICC, 1EC, 2EC, 3EC, 4EC, AFC, SFC, 1AC, 1NC, 2NC, ELC, HLC) Part1
i29  The Plan so far for the salvation of Man and the Angels
i30  The Power of the Law of Moses today, Observe the Sabbath, Obey the 10 + 2 commandments for Christians

i31  The First New Covenant
i32  What exactly is baptism?
i33  The start and end of the 3 baptisms
i33a  All Israel was entered into the law of Moses at their first Passover aged 11 by Hebrew reckoning and baptised into the ICC at the same time (unbeknown to them)i34  Loved Animals will be resurrected into the Kingdom
i35  The Second New Covenant (see also U11)
i37  The Lord's Witnesses, the church of the 2NC, the 4th true Christian church, the Church of 1000 corrected mistakes, Institutional Papal Fallibility
i39  The Top Ten Trinity Busters

i40  Why does God not just tell us all the whole plan from start to finish in plain English or Greek or Hebrew? Why is the bible not written in a way that everyone can understand?
i41  When is abortion murder?
i41a  How can one reconcile the vindictive God of the old testament with the forgiving God of the new testament?
i41b  How can an omnipotent loving God permit so much pain and suffering?
i42  The real heavenly currency
i43  Get up, pick up your bed and walk
i44  Do you have to be a Lords' Witness to enter into the ark? Can gays be saved?
i45  The 2 presences of the Christ
i46  The 4 True Christian Churches
i47  The fall and the fix of Adam and Eve
i48  The Hidden Goal of the Hidden World Government
i49  The Brotherly Love Covenant, the Philadelphia Covenant, the Jesus' Love Covenant, the 2nd Law Covenant, the Omega Covenant, the BLC, PAC, JLC, 2LC, OMC
i50  Definitions and Acronyms
i51  We are all human angelic hybrids. Everyone borrows or owns an angel which is his real time backup